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Topics: Ideal gas law, Chlorine, Titration Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: November 1, 2014

This laboratory experiment focuses on figuring out the mole ratio of magnesium metal to hydrochloric acid by determining the amount of HCl reacting with Mg, then finding the mole ratio of magnesium in a reaction by determining the amount of MgCl2 made during the reaction. Which then is researched to find which of the two methods produced a better result. The main objectives of this lab were to determine what charge is gained by a metal when reacting with hydrochloric acid. In order to determine the amounts of excess reactant and the amount of ratio of magnesium metal to hydrochloric acid, accuracy and precision is compared, and the Titration Method, Crystallization Method, and the Gas Pressure Method is formed. Performing these objectives helped me to understand the titration, crystallization, and Ideal Gas Law more thoroughly.

Before doing this lab, I didn’t fully understand the aspects of the scientific concept, nor did I have any clue what the Titration Method, Crystallization, or the Gas Pressure method all entailed. I did not know how to properly test for moles in a solution, and I did not even know a person could determine the charge gained by a metal when it reacts with an acid. I predicted that that the charged gained by a metal when reacting with hydrochloric acid would be a positive charge because Magnesium has a positive two charge, and when it is combined with hydrochloric acid it is transformed into a zero oxidation state metal.


For the first task, six 50 mL beakers were labeled with letters from A to F. Then the magnesium ribbon was cut to 20cm, and rubbed with steel wool. Next .025g of Mg was cut and placed in beaker A, and recorded on table 3.1 in the lab manual. This step was then repeated, only the grams of Mg changed from .025 to .050, 0.075, 0.100, 0.130, and 0.160.

Two burets were then set up, and filled with HCL. The burets were used to measure...
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