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The study of Gestalt psychology originated in Germany in the 1920s. It is a form of psychology that is interested in higher order cognitive processes relative to behaviorism. The aspects of Gestalt theory of visual perception is the relationship between the parts and the whole of an visual experience. The visual world is so complex that the mind has developed strategies for coping with the confusion. The mind tries to find the simplest solution to a problem. One of the ways it does this is to form groups of items that have certain characteristics in common.

Gestalt psychology is concerned with how these groups are formed and what effect they have on perception. Perceptual organization refers to how we sense things in our environment and interact with them. This theory, demonstrates that our perceptions are highly organized and have immediate, vivid qualities that cannot be explained in terms of piecing together basic elements. Gestalt organization can be used to explain many illusions including the Duck-Rabbit illusion where the image as a whole switches back and forth from being a duck then being a rabbit and in the figure-ground illusion while the figure and ground are reversible (See Appendix A). Another illustration of figure/ground relationships may be seen in the classic Gestalt chalice or vase. (See Appendix B). In the picture if we concentrate on the white segment then we can perceive the shapes of two human faces, face to face interacting, but as soon as someone concentrates on the black background, one can see a dark flower vase, but only one at a time. It's not possible to see both of them simultaneously. These image invites you to oscillate between foreground and background.

My understanding is not entirely about the eyes its more about the brain, because perception lives in the brain and the eyes is only a tool in our body to see things. But all the grouping and unification only occur when certain principles are applied to the...

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October 26, 2011
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