Gestalt Psychology Reflection

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History and Sytems in Psychology
Katrin Ramos

One of the main influences on Gestalt psychology was the strength of the behaviorist revolution and its happening during the same time that Gestalts revolution was staking its claim in Germany psychology. This was a way to protest against the psychology of Wundtian. The inspiration for the new viewpoints and the grounds for launching the new systems of psychology were because of the protests of Wundt’s work spuring further testimony. During the attack on the establishment of psychology, the elementistic nature of Wundt’s work is the inspiration of for Gestalt to primarily focus upon it. Gestalt’s psychologists argued in opposition of Wundt’s foundation of his work; the sensory elements. This created the main idea of Gestalt’s psychology which is that our minds think in a whole process of self organizations.

The contributions to the development is how our senses are capable of visual recognition of things in a whole form and not just simple lines and curves. The psychology formed in part by a reaction to the atomism of the structuralist school of thought. This which was based on the focus of breaking down mental processes. Breaking down the mental process was done until it was in their smallest forms. The psychologist believed that behavior must be studied in all of its complexities instead of being separately or divided. This was because they believed that mental experiences were not simple combinations of elements but based on one’s perceptions of patterns that happen during an experience.

Examples of each of the Gestalt Principle of Perceptual Organization

Proximity is when a objects are close together but are yet separate. Similarity is when objects that appear to be a single unit because they are similar. Closure is when there is incomplete space and our mind just fills in the blanks. Good continuation would be our concept of moving from one object flowing to...

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