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In this chapter, we see the expressive richness and beauty of Gebusi cultural world. How did reciprocity play a role in leading up to the initiation celebration (how did it strengthen social ties between people)?

Gebusi Clan membership passes down to the next generation from father to son. In the US most families are patrilinial as well though some natives groups like the Hopi are matralineal.

What is the siay sagra?

A feast leading up to Gebusi male initiation that establishes which sponsors would be responsible for supplying various items such as costumes, arrows and gifts to each initiate.

What is bebagum, and how was it significant in the initiates’ appearance?

The Gebusi have marriages arranged by their parents to people outside of their tribe. There is also sister-marriage, where if a sister likes her brother's new wife's brother, she might marry him, ensuring familial harmony.

What does Victor Turner mean by “liminal” period? What happens during this time?

Turner begins by defining liminal individuals or entities as “neither here nor there; they are betwixt and between the positions assigned and arrayed by law, custom, convention, and ceremony.” He then goes on to name the non-structure or anti-structure that he continuously refers to in “Betwixt and Between” through such concepts as the “realm of pure possibility” and structural invisibility. He chooses the Latin term “communitas” to express this idea of anti-structure, and refers to social structure and communitas as “two major ‘models’ for human interrelatedness.”

The bad rain and weather might have messed up this ceremony for us—but how did the Gebusi handle it? What happened in the longhouse after the rain? How did reciprocity play a role?

From my understanding of what I can find online, the Gebusi are much closer to nature than we are in our industrialized countries. As for the happenings in the longhouse and reciprocity, you might find a re-read of your book helpful - I...
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