Germany's Loss of WW1

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Why did Germany and its Allies Lose WW1?

It can be argued that Germany and its allies faced a overwhelming war right from the start, but their desire to provoke and enter a war that involved the majority of Eastern Europe led them to being doomed right from the start. There are many factors that contributed to Germany and its allies’ loss of WW1; such as inefficient military decisions and plans like the Schlieffen Plan, and the lack of strength from Germany’s allies. But in the end it was the power of the Allies that overwhelmed the weaknesses of the Central Powers, like the joining of the United States and the British Naval blockade.

Before 1914, Germany had made many assumptions regarding certain scenarios and outcomes of the war. This all started in 1905 with the drawing up of the Schlieffen Plan in which Germany assumed that in the event of a major war, there would have to take out both France and Russia at the same time. This meant fighting a war on two fronts, but Germany thought it would be possible due to the slow mobilization of Russia’s army, quick defeat of France, and the lack of resistance shown by Belgium and Britain. However, the Schlieffen Plan did not work as suspected. Germany’s decision to rely on this plan went wrong in many ways, led to their first major loss in the war. Germany had already lost a crucial battle before even engaging in warfare. According to historian A.J.P. Taylor, “The sole cause of the outbreak or war in 1914 was the Schlieffen Plan.” With the conclusions made by historian Fritz Fischer, three main indications outline Germany’s intentions of going to war: Germany hoped of going to war due to the rising power of Russia, socialism brings a nation together during wartime, and the “September Program” which showed Germany’s lust for expansion. These three conclusions indicated Germany’s desire to provoke and enter a war, which proved to be costly in their war effort.

Another crucial contributor to Germany’s loss was the...
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