Germany Business Culture

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Germany's Business Culture

In today's global market it is essential to understand a country's culture in order to be able to form and maintain a positive business relationship. Culture is something that is taught and shared, it sculpts the way people interact with others, handle situations, and solve problems. It is formed by values, society norms and historical factors. It explains why and how multinational corporations and international partnerships succeed or fail.

The business culture in Germany is classified according to the living and working systems that abide by meticulous structure with very little flexibility. Planning every detail and moment provides a sense of security in knowing what will happen when. It also allows them to plan their time efficiently and effectively. If employees are seen working late it is viewed as poor planning on their part. Due to their view on planning, it is understandable why punctuality is an asset. It is mandatory to set appointments at least a week or two in advance and if you are delayed on coming you should call immediately with an explanation. Germany business's use a hierarchy structure. The companies are well ordered and all employees are aware of their positions. The highest ranking person always enters and leaves a meeting first, as a sign of respect of their authority.

From an early age German's are taught to respect authority automatically and not to question the method in which they are taught to accomplish duties. This is apparent in business meetings. They may be held in an open discussion but in order to participate the employee must be either an expert in the field or have a proven record. The final decision is up to management and employees are excepted to implement all task without hesitation. When conducting international business with the United States, Americans have found it frustrating that German employees do not take the anicheitive to make their...
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