Germany Before 1848

Topics: Social class, Feudalism, Working class Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Before 1848 Germany DBQ

The political, economical, and social order of the Germanic states in the nineteenth century was in a state of chaos and disarray. Politically, the states had the desire of becoming unified and had the possibility to do so if it had not been for fear and neglect to follow through. Economically, the states were in a time of hardships with poor growth development in the fields and were also going through the time of the Industrial Revolution with changes to their everyday lives. Socially, the Germanic states were divided into a feudal system that was determined by birth status and wealth. The middle class, made up of scholars and students, and aristocracy had shared the same fear of the commoners’ revolt due to the political failure in attempt to unify the Germanic states, and had wanted to maintain their rights as well as becoming unified without giving the lower class any more power. The economic structure was poor and resulted with unemployment and higher food prices, which enabled the peasants to be outraged in anger towards the government for lack of action to make the necessary changes causing them to revolt in hopes of more stability financially while also desiring a unification of the German states.

The middle class of the Germanic states were educated persons with an interest on their society. Politically, they were concerned about the development of unity between the states. Some questioned what was so difficult about this unification, such as the professor Ernst Moritz Anndt whom had also written poetry on the matter n the mindset that a Father land or a single body would be the best way to be (doc. 1). Others were in high hopes that the unification would take place as soon as possible with faith in the armies and nobility to do so. One of these individuals was Goerres who was excited about this notion as clearly portrayed in his pamphlet in 1819 that a republican constitution was underway (doc. 2). Economically,...
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