Germany's Population Issues

Topics: Demography, Population, Immigration Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Environmental Science – 6M
Week 2
Individual Work

Unlike China, Germany has a declining population growth. The citizens there now worry about not having enough people to fulfill the jobs needed to be done so that they can remain a sustainable country. They have more people leaving the country than new people coming in. Even their own residents are starting to leave. Sure, everybody loves to visit Germany because it’s a hot vacation spot, but very few are staying. In 2009, 734 thousand people left the country while 721 thousand moved in. That’s a huge difference in gaining over 800 thousand people in the year 2000. Statistics showed that in 2009, 13 thousand more people had left. Most of those who leave are usually foreigners from Romania, Turkey, and Poland that are going back to their home lands. The US and Switzerland is the popular choice for the Germans that leave. And if that wasn’t bad enough, there are more people dying every day than babies being born. Statistics say there are only a mere 1.38 children born to every woman… Not quite high enough to keep the population at a comfortable number. Demographers expect that over the next fifty years, Germany’s population will decrease by at least 17 million. A huge loss to the 82 million they have now. There is one thing that slowed down their decrease in natives leaving and that was the global recession. Germans weren’t too quick to leave with an insecurity of obtaining a decent job. They were afraid they wouldn’t be able to make it in other countries so they figured it best they just stay in their own country. Spain had been one of their choice countries to run to but the higher unemployment rates in that country changed their minds about relocating. The chairman of the Expert Advisory Board for Integration and Migration, Klaus J. Bade believes all Germany has to do is to make itself more inviting and attractive to convince more outsiders to want to move there and to...
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