german imperialism

Topics: German Empire, Crimean War, Ottoman Empire Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: April 19, 2015
German Imperialism
German imperialism was the major concern of all rival nations in the years forgoing the war and their bid for continental supremacy, which intensified the closer to warfare Europe came, undoubtedly shaped the correct foundations for war but more importantly it portrayed it to be obligatory in order to achieve success. Many other nations such as Russia and Austria-Hungary adopted this belief and therefore aided generation of the war. “The German bid for supremacy was certainly decisive in bringing on the European war”*. This is illustrated in the latter stages of the 1800’s with the introduction of the expansionist policy of Weltpolitik – implemented by Kaiser Wilhelm in 1890 – which is a foreign policy aimed at achieving power by attaining an empire. There was an undisputable will to war amongst the German hierarchy throughout the 18th and 19th century and this is epitomised in their belief that major conflict was fundamental. Also the Austro-Prussian war of 1866 showed a clear attempt to expand and dominate the neighbouring areas of Germany. Wilhelm strongly believed that he had a divine right as leader to accomplish German authority and his attitude certainly caused Britain, France and Russia to create the triple entente between 1904 and 1907 as a defence mechanism. As we know, this alliance agreement plunged Europe into conflict with no real choice so therefore German bid for superiority can be seen as a direct cause of war. It was believed a strong military was critical in order for nations to achieve their imperialist aims and the increased militarism in Europe undeniably projected the notion that war and conflict was a way of life, certainly the closer to war Europe came. The imperialistic aspiration for supremacy led to heavy investment in the military, which not only prepared the continent for war but also made it desirable. There was an egotistical atmosphere spanning across the superpowers creating a hunger to be the most dominant...
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