German Immigration to the United States

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German Immigration to the United States
Clint Tipps
ETH 125
13 May 2010
Kelly Tabah

German Immigration to the United States
German immigration to the United States began even before there was a United States. German citizens fled their native country for many reasons: the desire for religious freedom, escape from oppressive taxes, work opportunities, and lack of available land. Most came here freely, they were not specifically segregated, and they did not experience overt racism or prejudice. Like most European immigrants, Germans came here looking for freedom and were able to find it. (n.d.) A large part of the German economy was based on cottage industry, making and selling goods from the home. Increasing industrialization drove workers in former cottage industries to move to the cities. This led to overcrowding of the cities which in turn led to a reduction in job opportunities. This lack of jobs forced many to return to the cottage industry and try to eke out a living, or to immigrate to America. (n.d.) Many German people fled the country to escape political oppression. Revolutions were rising up all over Europe. The revolutionaries were fighting for a new, republican form of government. Unfortunately, many of these revolutions failed and the population was even further oppressed. (n.d.) All of this strife forced many to flee to the American colonies. In America, many Germans settled in Minnesota, on lands formerly inhabited by the Dakota nation. Many Native Americans had been forcibly removed from this land by the United States Army after the U.S.-Dakota War in 1862. (n.d.) There were reported instances of violence against Dakota prisoners by some European-Americans. This could be construed as institutional discrimination. But just like most types of discrimination and racism, the basis was most likely the fear of the unknown. The Dakota had different customs and practices, and this caused the Europeans to lash out with violence. Though many did...

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