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German "Gymnasium" and American Community College

By nam2612 Feb 20, 2013 436 Words
Helene-Lange Gymnasium and Seattle Central Community College by Hoai Nam Nguyen Before coming to Seattle Central Community College in September, I studied at Helene-Lange Gymnasium in Fuerth, Germany. If I were to be asked about the educational system in Germany, I would mention all the differences of my previous school as opposed to Seattle Central Community College. The main points I would mention are the tuition, the architecture and the difference between ages. Seattle Central Community College and Helene-Lange Gymnasium have a few similarities. Both schools are huge schools with a large number of students. Therefore, it is easy to make friends at both schools. Another similarity is the wide variety of class options for each subject. Helene-Lange Gymnasium has subjects from science and math to language classes, just as Seattle Central Community College has. Although both schools have similar educational systems, they actually are completely different. First of all, the schools are entirely different in paying tuition. At Seattle Central, tuition is required while at Helene-Lange Gymnasium, the education came at no charge because it was covered by the German government. Even if tuition were to be charged at Helene-Lange Gymnasium, it probably would not cost as much as it does at Seattle Central Community College. Another difference between these schools are the people. Helene-Lange Gymnasium is composed of primary, middle and high schools as well as college whereas Seattle Central consists of almost only adults. As a result of this mix in Helene-Lange Gymnasium, I was still able to watch children of the fifth grade playing around and screaming; in contrast, I only see adults engaging in conversations, studying, doing homework and smoking at Seattle Central. It is definitely easier at Seattle Central to behave like an adult, but in Helene-Lange Gymnasium it is almost impossible. The last difference is the architecture. Both schools are large, but Seattle Central has many facilities not available at Helene-Lange Gymnasium such as a security team, elevators and registration center just to name a few. Helene-Lange Gymnasium does not provide these facilities because all the teachers at Helene-Lange Gymnasium are more than just teachers; they carry a large role and possess many skills including security skills. In summary, both schools are very different. Helene-Lange Gymnasium doesn’t charge tuition, is comprised of primary school until college and does not have an exciting building. In contrast, Seattle Central Community College charges a high tuition, is a school exclusively for adults and the building is definitely more interesting. Regardless of appearance, both schools are primarily for education.

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