German Elections 1924-1934

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German Elections 1920's to the 1930's

The Nazi Party was not involved in the elections until 1928. In 1928 the received 2.6% of the votes but the SPD still lead the votes on 29.8%. By 1930 the Nazi party began to grow in popularity gaining 18.25% of the votes. The SPD still had majority on 24.53% of the votes but it was clear the Nazi party was beginning to threaten the top spot. In July 1932 the Nazis gained the majority of the votes for the first time on 37.27%. There was a small decrease in the number of votes for the Nazis in from July to November as the votes went down to 33.09%. By March 1933 the Nazis again had a huge jump in the polls capturing 43.91%. Finally by November 1933 the Nazi Party almost white washed the votes collecting 92.11% leading to Hitler seizing power.

In the 1920 elections the NSDAP (Nazi Party had not yet been formed). The Nazi Party was banned from the May and November elections in 1924 due to the Munich Putsch. The 1928 elections were the first year that NSDAP contested in the elections after their ban was lifted the year before. With Hitler as there leader so soon after his release the party was not very popular and gained only 2.6% of the votes. The next election occurred in 1930. In 1929 Germany had fallen into the beginnings of the Great Depression. This proved to have very positive effects on Hitlers party. The votes for the NSDAP increased dramatically from 2.6% to 18.25%. Although the SPD lost seats in this election they still remained the top party. By July 1932 the Great Depression was in full toll. Many people had lost their jobs and many people went starving. Riots broke out in streets daily. This was a huge advantage for Hitler. Because he was such a good speaker he promised things that every wanted to hear such as jobs for everyone. Things that were impractical but they were what people wanted to hear. This was reflected on the elections in July 1932. The Nazi party became the largest party in the parliament for...
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