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German Dictatorship Government vs. German Democracy

By RayZah Jun 18, 2011 638 Words
Draft 1

Was the German dictatorship government had it been successful, better off rather than the German democracy?

Extended essay Draft 1
Was the German dictatorship government had it been successful, better off rather than the German democracy? Dictatorship is a government in which runs by unlimited power by the head of government or state, whereas a democracy is a government in which politicians contest for power as the people hold the highest rank of political supremacy. Hitler was appointed Chancellor on the 30th of January 1933 as head of the Nazi power because Hitler emerged in a time of economic, political and social upheaval he was able to gain political power. If Hitler would accomplish his aims, Germany would become a Central European power and secure from any future invasions or wars. The main reason in which Hitler was elected as Chancellor was due to the high rates of unemployment as 30% of Germans were unemployed by the year 1932. Hitler introduced new policies in which would save German economy, the policies would take away freedoms from the employers as the Government banned labour-saving machinery in order for farmers to employ workers. Employers also had to get government permission before reducing their labour force. The government also tended to give work contracts to those companies that relied on manual labour rather than machines. This was especially true of the government's massive motorway programme. As a result of this scheme Germany developed the most efficient road system in Europe. Although some may view Hitler as sexist for implying that women should stay at home, the reduction in female workers (with an exception to doctors and civil servants) in the workforce prompted more jobs for male workers. Hitler payed women 1000 marks to leave their jobs. The aims of the Treaty of Versailles were intended to be made so harsh that Germany would not be able to revive the economical downfall, remain militarily weak and lack political leadership. If Germany remained a weak power, stronger powers would have simply invaded Germany and gained territory, as their circumstances were in no way able to defend themselves should war have occurred. Hitler united Germans under his dictatorship and aimed for Germany to rise up as a central power once again, as he exceeded the 100,000 soldier band and soon expanded his army and political agenda, making several alliances in which assisted him in evading the League of Nations. Strengthening German political power, the rations in which were initially placed upon Germany was overlooked and Germany was quickly rising again. Hitler cunningly formed many alliances to his advantage in which he employed to his benefit. Despite the fact that Hitler was exceedingly anti-communist, he formed an alliance with Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union and signed a “Non-Aggression” Pact which was not to go to war with each other and split up Poland between themselves. The world was amazed by this alliance of opposites, Stalin needed time to re-arm for when Hitler did invade Russia and her would have to go to war if he allied with Britain and France, but could have half of Poland without a war if he allied with Hitler, which seemed like the most obvious choice to make .It was a win-win situation as this agreement worked conveniently with both parties although Hitler would soon break the alliance to invade Russia.

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