German Culture and Leadership Behavior in Perspective to China

Topics: Employment, Leadership, Germany Pages: 6 (2073 words) Published: February 21, 2013
David Füßer, Exchange Student, University of International Business and Economics

German Culture and Leadership Behavior
Midterm Examination Paper, Fall Semester 2011, Chinese Traditional Culture and Leadership Behavior

This is a short introduction to German Culture in the eyes of a German born and raised student. The content reflects his sight and impressions as well as his personal experience and insight to topics such as German Tradition and Culture, what is the background of German Culture and where does it come from. Why do people act or think the way they do. German Corporate Culture, how do German Companies handle their employees and what is the working atmosphere like. German Leadership behavior, how to German managers lead their teams or co-workers, what is expected from them and how do companies value good leadership. These will be the three topics in the following.

German Tradition and Culture
To begin with, there is nothing like “the one German Culture”. Obviously there are existing similarities but on the other hand a whole lot of variety and diversity. Every part of Germany has its own character, its own traditions and therefore its own culture as well as attitude towards different aspects of history and everyday life. Just to picture an example of how different Germany can be it is enough to take three regions and look at them side by side. In the north you can find the coast where people’s traditions come from fishery in the rural areas on the opposite to inhabitants of bigger cities which became rich by trade and commerce. Trade and commerce in the big way as the world knows it nowadays was basically invented in Northern Germany when merchants from various cities allied to form the Hanseatic League in the 12th and 13th century. Those roots still influence the culture in those cities today by the way people are taking pride in their cities historic background. Next there is the Ruhr Valley in the west. Even though there have always been big cities like Cologne in the region the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area experienced a great boom during the industrial revolution because of the regions rich hard coal deposit. Therefore, people’s tradition and pride is coal mining. Even other Germans from somewhere else are not aware how much pride there is for what the Ruhr Valley did and how important mining still is for people with their roots there. It’s not uncommon that families work in mining in the 3rd or 4th generation even though labor is really hard and not well enough paid anymore it’s the attractive to many people. If you go further to the south of Germany the picture totally changes again. They are traditionally hard working people what comes from their roots as farmers. Another interesting aspect of Southern Germany is the fact that there has always been a broad variety of intellectuals, inventors and entrepreneurs. On the other hand, the South has always been very wealthy and still is.

David Füßer, Midterm Examination Fall Semester 2011 Chinese Traditional Culture and Leadership Behavior

Another aspect that shows the variety of German culture is seen in German cuisine. You can find a lot of hop fields driving across Bavaria in the south and along Main, Rhine and Mosel you will find huge wine fields and wineries. You can find regions with beer breweries in every other village and 200km further there is a wine region where every village has their own winery. However it is not only about wine and beer, there is also food! Differences in food are even more severe. Every region has their own specialties. There is a lot of different fish specialties up in the north, there is “Currywurst” and “Bratkartoffeln” in the West, “Thüringer Bratwürste” or “Böhmische Knödel” in the East, “Spätzle”, “Zwiebelrostbraten” and “Maultaschen” in the Southwest, “Schäuffele”, “Klöße” and “Hax’n” in the Southeast. So many varieties of food that probably describes the diversity in German Culture the...
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