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geothermal energy

By jeremyaparicio Dec 03, 2013 453 Words

Environmental Ecology

25, October, 2013

Geothermal Energy
Geothermal Energy is energy that is made from heat and comes from the interior of the earth. Just about everywhere the earth keeps a constant temperature of 50 and 60 degrees and heating pumps can tap into this and use this heat. This type of energy also doesn’t produce the greenhouse gases, which harm the earth. The biggest reason I can think of to use this type of energy is that it is a renewable resource that will never quit producing because earth is a 365, day a year energy source.

In the winter, geothermal energy can be a huge help because these heating pumps can actually pump heat from the earth through pipes to your homes air delivering system, this can also be reversed in the summer where the heat is actually pumped from inside your house to a heat exchanger. When this happens you can actually use this heat for hot water.

When using geothermal energy you it doesn’t produce harmful gases that the burning of fossil fuels causes. Instead it only produces a vapor that is harmless to the earth. These geothermal plants are also powered by streams, and nothing from the plant needs to be transported to another location because the source and everything needed is right under the feet of the plant. Right now pollution is thought of as a serious problem, and with how much money there is put into a cleaner earth, you would think they would use it for geothermal plants.

This type of energy source is renewable, they have done studies that show that even with constant extraction process of heat from the earth, it still wouldn’t effect the earth or run out of heat. The absolute only way we would run out is if the core of the earth turned cold. And if this happened we would have much more problems than producing energy on earth.

A lot of people would expect this to be expensive but its actually cheaper than your standard fossil fuel systems in homes. It costs less to install. And energy bills are cut in half, according to a woman that has owned one for about a year. With this system in your house they say it will have paid for itself in the first 10 years of owning one. Not only is the cost of this low, but it would eliminate our dependency on foreign oil which would be a huge plus.

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