George W. Bush and Showcases Excessive Pride

Topics: George W. Bush, Aeneid, Euripides Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Medea/Aeneid Essay

Pride is very important and an extremely important quality to have for which it promotes self esteem and self respect. Everyone needs to have pride but in some cases around the world, in epics and poems people have excessive pride which causes problems. In the play Medea by Euripides and The Aeneid by Virgil excessive pride is the major downfall that causes Medea and Dido problems. Pride is the most common downfall in Greek and Roman tragedies. Medea is a tragic hero whose pride leads to her kill her own children. Throughout the poem Medea wants revenge on Jason because he leaves her for Creusa. This is going to drive Medea crazy and her pride get in the way of her making rational decisions and she will have to take all away from Jason. Medea’s excessive pride will make her believe not killing the children will still leave something to love when she says “Jason will be able to say I have lost much but not all. That is too unbearable. I want him crushes, boneless, crawling… I have no choice” (Euripides, p.180-181). This shows Medea pride causing her to make irrational decision when she could’ve easily avoided the situation. In the Aeneid Dido showcases excessive pride being her downfall. In Roman epics one is supposed to put his country before him or herself. Dido falls in love with Aeneas and begins neglecting her responsibilities of her country. But once Aeneas gets order from the gods to find Rome and leave Dido she gets bitter and angry. Aeneas tries to calm and explain to her why he is leaving when he says “I sail for Italy not of my own free will” (IV.499) but to no avail. Dido’s grief leaves her sleepless and her excessive pride begins making judgments for her as she climbs on to pyre and stabs herself with Aeneas sword. These two epic and poem show the danger of excessive pride. Hubris is not only these works but it is all around us over the world. Actors, athletes and politicians have all had excessive pride lead to...
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