George S. Patton

Topics: George S. Patton, Battle of the Bulge, Dwight D. Eisenhower Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: April 20, 2013
General Patton and The Third Army
Stephanie B. Lawson
American History II
Professor Clark

General George S. Patton Jr. lived from November 11, 1885 until December 21, 1945. Even today, Patton is considered to be one of the world’s greatest generals. When he was called upon to perform, he always meant business, even in emergencies. He led The Third Army into combat with the Nazi Germans. In little to no time, America recognized The Third Army’s great success and bravery. They swept through battles and conquered with admirable confidence, persistence, and excellence.

From 1941 until 1943, the Third Army was led by Lieutenant General Walter Kreuger (Province). General Kreuger strived to make the Third Army the best army in the United States. In Kreuger’s army, there were two men who would later become very well known. Dwight D. Eisenhower was one of these men. The second was none other than George S. Patton. As Kreuger approached age 65, he became too old to be in command of the army and changed positions. Lieutenant General Courtney H. Hodges commanded the Third Army after Kreuger’s leave. Hodges had been in WWI and had also fought under the leadership of Kreuger. Hodges was not half the leader that Kreuger was, unfortunately. He mostly left his duties to those in position under him (Province). Hodges was eventually removed from his position because of his lack of leadership. However, while Hodges was leading the Third Army, they officially changed from a training army to a combat army on December 31, 1943 (Province). In 1943 on New Year’s Eve, the Third Army boarded ships for England to undergo training for possible invasions in the future. When they arrived in Scotland, the Third Army met their new commander – General George S. Patton Jr. The day after they had arrived, the Third Army was gathered together. General Patton then proceeded to give a tremendous but short speech on their future endeavors. He discussed the German Nazis and what...
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