George Washington Farewell Speech

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George Washington “Farewell Speech” Research Paper”

Early in 1796 President George Washington decided that he didn’t want to run for a third term as the United States President. President George Washington started drafting his “Farewell Address “. The Address was drafted multiple times in part due to Alexander Hamilton’s suggestions. This address was hand written in crafted into a 32 page speech that warned Americans on issues such avoiding excessive political party spirit and geographical distinctions. In foreign affairs, he warned against long-term alliances with other nations. President George Washington’s Farewell address was printed in Philadelphia Pennsylvania In September of 1796. The Final manuscript of this speech can be found at New York Public Library. I will be summarizing the major points of George Washington’s Farewell address to the American people.

First, George Washington opened his Farewell Speech by expressing his gratitude to the Country by sticking by his side when America was in a crisis. Washington urged all Americans to stay focused and not to allow any entity to break the Sprit and power of America. He made a convincing argument to Americans to be patriotic and loyal to their country. Washington also encouraged Americans to stick with the foundations of the Constitution of America and not to be so quick to ratify the constitution; he urged to give the standing laws of the constitution a chance.

In Addition to being loyal and patriotic, Washington also encouraged Americans not to have political parties. Washington argued that if there was an existence of political parties, there would be a power struggle between the two parties. Washington more specifically urged the country not to have regional political parties because it would cause extreme problems just 2

as it had during the American Revolutionary War. Washington explained that political parties should be avoided at all cost. Washington also talked about America...

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