George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Contributions

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FRQ: Contributions to a Stable Government (George Washington and Thomas Jefferson)
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were two important men who greatly affected our nation’s independence and the beginning years of our country. Each made their individual and unique contributions to an unwavering government following the adoption of the Constitution. After the war, the Articles of Confederation had begun to fail. The federal government couldn’t collect taxes to pay for the colossal debt that had gradually built up from the expense of housing soldiers, weaponry, etc. So it was inevitable that a new government, known as the Constitution, would soon be drafted. Key figures like Washington and Jefferson helped to stabilize the government and provide support for their people. By accepting the influential role as president of the United States, both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had to responsibly present decisions, laws, and programs for their own country while at the same time reside over international relations with the protection of national interest in mind.

Jefferson and Washington each had their own position to fulfill as prominent leaders of our country. Washington was a popular figure in the states and accepted presidency soon after the Constitution went into effect. He exercised his authority with great care and restraint, and felt perfectly comfortable delegating responsibility to others. He determined early on that he would only use his veto if a bill were unconstitutional. He set multiple precedents throughout his presidency, such as having a cabinet, which is made up of the heads of the various executive departments. As his secretary of treasury, he chose Alexander Hamilton and as his secretary of state, he chose Thomas Jefferson. These multiple strong leaders helped to bring together different viewpoints, therefore promoting a strong-minded government. In 1796, Jefferson, a powerful advocate of liberty, assumed the role as a leader of...
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