George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Contribution to Stable Government

Topics: President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Revolutionary Contributions to Stable Government
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were two important presidents who had an enormous affect on our nation’s stable government and beginning years of our country. Each made their unique contributions to a new government under the Constitution after the failed adoption of the Articles of Confederation. After the war for independence, the Articles of Confederation, began to fail because there was no direct effective way to to collect revenue, to much power was given to the states, and Congress did not have a lot of power. Historical figures, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, helped establish a stable government for their citizens. George Washington was a very popular president, the only man to win a presidential election unanimously. Washington was not popular due to his political views, but for his great ability to lead. George Washington knew he could not manage the the growing nation alone so he established a cabinet to help him make decisions. As his Secretary of Treasury, George Washington appointed Alexander Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton became an important Federalist member of the first cabinet as the Secretary of Treasury. The financial situation of the country after the Revolution was the primary problem facing the new nation, and Hamilton developed a national bank to fix it. The national bank lent money to the government, safely held depostits, gave Americans an uniform currency, and promoted business. The national bank and other ideas of Hamilton helped the United States economy. As the Secretary of State, George Washington selected Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was the only Democratic Republican in Washington’s cabinet. Thomas Jefferson did not want a national bank because it was not in the Constitution and his political party, the Democratic Republicans, interpreted the Constitution strictly. Washington contributed the idea of neutrality. Washington wanted America to stay...
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