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Topics: United States, American Revolution, French and Indian War Pages: 4 (1247 words) Published: January 5, 2014

George Washington was the main reason why America is independent today. Considering his impact on the independence of America, leading the colonial and continental army and making the first pushes to Americas Independence. He impacted both the French and Indian war and the American Revolution under his leadership, with the help of the many founding fathers of America, who also helped change it in many different ways including the Declaration of Independence which pushed the idea of a Independent America over the top. Washington’s contributions were the primary reason to America becoming a independent country and breaking away from the reign of king George III. Washington through his lifetime proved he was all for America and did not want anything in return, but instead for America to be a better place as his presidency reign finished. Evidently, Washington is the greatest president in Americas history and will influence most great presidents in the future for the better.

Washington had a great deal of impact on the French and Indian war. Washington was named lieutenant colonel in his first year serving, he influenced the start of the seven year war which took place from 1954-1963. On July 3rd , 1754, Washington gave up fort necessity, in order to recover and go back to Virginia with all his men that still lived, he did not retaliate but instead attempted to end the violence happening in america during the french and Indian War, he was successful of exactly that as that would be the beginning of the end of the war in america. The effect that the seven year war had on america, was that the stamp act was put in place by King George III, and it was a intolerable tax set by him, it was a way to pay of the debts of the French and Indian war and instead of rewarding the country that helped he punished them more, and there would be consequences if you did not pay the taxes, the americans were hardly involved thanks to George Washington, saving tons of money...

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