George Washington

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Kristen Coury
Mr. Mulcahy
George Washington Paper
June 9, 2013

From the late 1600s to the 1800s, many great leaders and influential people have shaped America to make it what it is today. All the great generals, presidents, and even inventors all played a major role, each contributing something significant to society. The most important person, however, the man who contributed the most to society, was the first president, George Washington. George Washington was the most influential person in history because he was a great military general, an influential president and leader, and an impactful person hundreds of years after his existence. George Washington, before he became president, led an army of men fighting for what was about to become one of the most powerful countries in the world. He had victories in many places that ended up being crucial turning points for the outcome of his country. For example, in 1753, George Washington led his troops through the Allegheny River challenging the French for the claims to that land. Later on, in 1754, George Washington led his Virginia forces against the French again, this time at Fort Duquesne in the Ohio River Valley. Here he built Fort Necessity and he defeated the French scouts, but ended up surrendering later on. After this short setback, Washington does not give up, and soon gets appointed to be a colonel, commander of the entire Virginia forces. He and his army alone were responsible for successfully defending a 350- mile frontier. This streak of victory continues on through 1758 where he commands 700 of his men to finally defeat the French and recapture Fort Duquesne. George Washington takes a short break from his military career to partake in some business regarding the House of Burgesses. This break of just less than twenty years did not stunt his military prowess however, because upon his return he was the commander of the continental army. Never throughout the entirety of the war, did George...

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