George Ripley

Topics: Chemistry, Middle Ages, Alchemy Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: October 12, 2013
Lucero Diaz
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George Ripley
Alchemy is the medieval definition for chemistry, based on the supossed transformation of matter especially medals into gold. In the renissance era chemists where believed to be wizards when in reality it was chemical expirements that made it appear as if they where performing majic. Alchemy was viewed as mystical

George Ripley was know as one of the most important English chemists he is known to have traveled widely on the Continent in search of alchemical wisdom. He lived from 1415-1490. George Ripley strongly believed in the philosophers stone. The philosophers stone was thought to have the ability to transform metal into gold and give immorality to man . In 1477 Ripley returned to England and wrote The Compound of Alchymy; or, the Twelve Gates leading to the Discovery of the Philosopher's Stone.(Liber Duodecim Portarum) The twenty-five volume work of Liber Duodecim Portarum was the most important work and it brought him considerable fame. It was a poem first printed in 1591 with a dedication to Queen Elizabeth. In poetic verse The compound of Alchemy describes the alchemical process about undergoing twelve stages or 'Gates', and his emblematic 'Ripley Scrowle'.These gates he said to be calcination, solution, separation, conjunction, putrefaction, congelation, cibation, sublimation, fermentation, exaltation, multiplication, and projection.

Although Ripley was a chemsit he was very devoted to his christian faith. He recieved the church bessing for his work due to his faith and devotion to the church. Ripley was also very rich he gave yearly to the knights of that island, the enormous sum of one hundred thousand pounds sterling, to enable them to carry on the war against the Turks. He contributed to not only to alchemy and science, but to the king, queen and knights.
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