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1984 by George Orwell Questions
1. The effect of the juxtaposition at the beginning of the section is emphasizing the difference between Winston’s reality and the party’s reality. 2. The effect of anaphora in the sentence is shown by the word “live”. It shows a difference between itself and living a happy life. 3. The ministry of love is the most frightening ministry to enter. People would avoid it because of its terrifying image. The ministry is surrounded by barb wires and guards, but it reveals a message that love is different to access. 4. The word victory is defined as a win and being the best. “Victory Gin” is a paradox because the Gin is a sticky, oily smell Chinese rice spirit that is far from the best which opposes from the word victory. 5. It suggests a mood of irony because if there were no laws, nothing can be called illegal and nothing can be called legal. On the other hand, if there were no laws, the party would not be able to carry their monthly public executions. 6. The journal entry shows that he does not usually write much because of his grammatical mistakes and the fact that he is not very good at writing. 7. When the lady working in the same office as Winston comes in, she uses the sash and ties is around her waist to slightly show her body shape, provoking the males. But the sash was a junior anti-sex league which promoted the opposite of what she is doing. 8. O’brien is described to be bigger built with a thick neck and a coarse, humorous, brutal face but he also has a charm of manner. From the description we’re given by Winston, he further describes that O’Brien has a kind personality. Despite his physical appearance, O’Brien’s personality was the opposite of what his physical appearance was. 9. It doesn’t decline because every day for more than once a day, his theories were refuted, smashed, ridiculed, help up to general gaze for the pitiful rubbish they were. The government however never captures him because he was once a commander for the shadow army. 10. Some techniques included changing Goldstein’s face into a pig. 11. The source of power behind this is a shared sense of nationalistic identity. 12. It is an allusion to the U.S.S.R.

13. The tone of the syntax expresses anger and it could reflect the hatred and mistrust Winston developed against Julia. 14. The chant fills Winston with horror because he feels alone and shunned out as everyone else is involved. 15. Voluptuously means large, friendly, motherly but from what we know of the party, it is the opposite of that. Chapter II

1. The physical description of Mrs. Parsons has a rhetorical effect from the description of her family’s situation and her actions that make the reader think. 2. The statement is saying that there will be a time where there will be no more conflicts. 3. We can tell by the way Winston responds to the news about the war. Winston doesn’t show much interest in it also because he has experienced it many times and also other events that gave him a similar impression. 4. Winston’s descent into thought-crime gave his life more urgency because he never knows when big brother is watching him. He also has to control his thoughts and not let them show on his face.

Chapter III
1. Its shows that at the end of the day, human emotions is weak as they are under the control of ignsoc. 2. There is an allusion to Shakespeare because Shakespeare was a representative of old culture that the thought police wanted to shun out and also there is a line in "Hamlet" that sums up the attitude of this new society: "Why then 'tis none to you; for there is nothing either good or" This society claims they can rework the world by controlling what people think, as the "mad" Hamlet suggests. 3. Freedom.

4. They never acknowledge fighting Eurasia to Eastasia because they always want people to think that they are right but if the acknowledge it, then they would seem wrong. 5. The effect of anaphora in Winston’s explanation of doublethink is that...
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