George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm”

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Movie Analysis
Animal Farm
By George Orwell

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Algerd Alvar Moscosa

October 15, 2012
In a four-cornered room I sat before human beings whose thoughts were like as moving electrons decoding hidden mysteries behind collection of pictures. It came in a blink of an eye that the place where I was, suddenly turn into black and rays of light shattered from a box in front of me. After which rays turned into moving pictures that fascinates the eye triggering synapses and neurons for production. As I gather and puzzle out those moving pictures held by the tiny box, it came to be a portrait of farm animals struggling to free from human colonization.

In surface level, George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm” is a tale about the struggle of farm animals to obtain freedom from colonization of the human race. Does it only pertain to that point of view? Criticizing the film through different approaches, we could pinpoint hundreds of conclusions. But of all critical approach, one dominates the others. In a Marxist point of view George Orwell urges readers to come up in conclusion correlating with what is happening to his society. Travelling back in time, farm animals were led by Old Major to come into consciousness that they were only used by the humans for their own needs. Old Major’s words led the others to strike out a revolution against humans striking them out of the farm. The fog of war did not last for a long span of time, for the animals were victorious taking over the farm from its owner. Everyone lived a prosperous and just way of life but there came a point where one wants to outstand the other. Shifting from a democratic way of living into dictatorship, wherein the others are only to follow rightful commands and laws provided he can benefit unto it.

Marxism is an approach which focuses on the economical...
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