George Hegel

Topics: Philosophy, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Africa Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: October 19, 2011
DR.Weldon C. Williams
George W.F. Hegel

George W.F. Hegel was German Idealist Philosopher. Hegel’s goal was to device a philosophical school that would explain and totality of experience in terms of the past, present, and future. His goal was explanation and comprehension of reality. He had a profound effect on modern thought. Within a few pages of philosophy of history, Hegel used the following terms to describe African peoples, “Barbarism and Savagery”. For Hegel, the African deserved to be enslaved, besides slavery to Europeans. He argued, benefited the African, as it provided him or her with moral education. And colonialism was a benefit of African because Europe implant it with its reason, ethic, culture, and mores and thereby historicized it. In the Philosophy of Right, Hegal provides a detailed exposition of the theoretical structures that at once directly justify and explain colonialism, as the inevitable logic of the unfolding of sprit in history. He believed that reality was an absolute sprit and that history moved forward through consent acts of synthesis. Thesis meets its opposite, antithesis, and they combine into a synthesis to make a new synthesis and so on. According to Hegel the rules of Africa must be divided into three parts, such as south of the desert of Sahara; the second is that to the north of the desert, European African a cost land, the third is the river regain of the Nile, which is connected with Asia. Hegel described art, religion, and philosophy as the tree best ways humankind speed the dialectic process along, art celebrates the material forms of the absolute, finding beauty in the rational world, also with more than a little cultural bias.

“The eyes”
There are so many mastery is hidden in human nature, which are found over time as humans communicate with each other more often. Understanding the movement of humans...
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