George Gittoes

Topics: Painting, Image, Photography Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: November 3, 2008
The Blind guitarist, 1993, Oil on canvas, 160 x 175 cm.
The picture shows a blind man who takes up the left side of the picture with his head being at the top, his small feet are stretched to the bottom of the page. There is green and blue, a small amount of orange on the page but it doesn’t show any yellow or white. The man is holding a purple guitar in his lap, the neck of the guitar reaches across the entire image. In the background there is a replication of a sculptural window from Angkor which is made up of green and blue.

Gittoes travelled to Cambodia, where he witnessed this man first, and the painting of the blind guitarist was later finished at his studio. The painting, as you can see on his face was applied in thick layers with his hands and fingers. There is evidence of Gittoes expressive style in parts of the background.

It is understandable that Gittoes was emotionally affected by the dilemma of the blind guitarist so much that he completed this image of him. The image shows the effects of war and landmines in a country that has been savaged by dishonest government. In Cambodia victims have no access to health care and still have to make a living. The colours that have been used in this picture give a calm feeling allowing the viewer to focus on human survival and hope, rather feeling suffering and despair. It creates a look that there’s hope in a negative situation.

Gittoes has always created his pieces by inspiration of his life experiences. He has an enormous passion for art and humanity so being an eye witness to suffrage of civilization all over the world is conveyed in his work. ‘’The blind guitarist’’ painting depicts cruelty, suffrage and the struggle of people everywhere. It is one of his best pieces of art; it portrays the struggle of a blind man stuck in a battle, expressing his longing to escape the entrapment. The Preacher, 2001, three plate coloured etching, hand coloured watercolour, 45 x 60cm This picture shows a...
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