George Bush And President Obama Critical Decisions

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7 November 2012
George Bush and President Obama: Critical Decisions
When you’re driving down the road, passing through a school zone, do you ever think about who initially suggested slowing down while school is in session? When you’re sitting in the doctor’s office or emergency room, do you ever think about the group of people who put together the process of health care? Sure you don’t, but health care and education reform are key issues that Presidents must configure to best suite America. While a specific situation is being worked on by the executives, the smaller guys must continue to present challenges on how to improve the conditions of such issues. Previous president George W. Bush and current president Barrack Obama both had interesting viewpoints to prove while in office. Bush had 2 terms to pass the No Child Left Behind act, which was a significant accomplishment in education reform in a long time. In his George Bush Delivers Remarks on the No Child Left Behind Act speech, Mr. Bush stated, “Every single child can learn, and that we’ve got to make sure that every single child does learn.”

We all know that Ex-president George W. Bush was representing the state of Texas in 2000 and 2004. But you probably don’t know that Texas has had one of the nation’s worst public health records for a long number of years. More than a one fourth of its residents have no health insurance. In the Executive Order 13410 Promoting Quality & Efficient Health Care in Federal government Administered or Sponsored Health Care Programs, Mr. Bush made sure the purpose of this order was to ensure that health care programs administered or sponsored by the Federal government, promote quality and efficient delivery of health care, through the use of health information technology, better incentives for program beneficiaries, enrollees, and providers. In the Bush Wrests Health Care From Democrats article of the Wall Street Journal, author John C. Goodman writes, “Health care reform must begin with a vision.” Mr. Bush told the American people they, “Must build a modern, innovative health care system that gives patients more options and fewer orders and strengthens the doctor patient relationship.” Bush provided about $89 billion in tax breaks to make private health insurance more affordable. Overall the previous president wanted to put more money in the hands of the patient by allocating $14 billion to expand medical savings accounts. The main purpose was to encourage people to voluntarily obtain private insurance.

Our current president, Barack Obama, had to immediately being reshaping the country once he was inaugurated, by dealing with a hurting economy, national debt, and two wars. President Obama has repeatedly stated that we are closer to a significant reform than at any time in recent history. In Obama Taps New Allies & Tackles Age-old Divisions in Nudging Health Care Reform, Cal Woodward stated that the house and the senate bills seek to bring millions more into the system and prohibit insurers from denying people coverage. This would require nearly all Americans to carry health care insurance. Most Americans are opposed to the Obama care proposal because they say it will cost the country too much money to ration health care to every American. However, other health care lobbies, for example drug makers and hospitals agreed to absorb over $200 billion in health care costs over the next 10 years to help the government’s expense. Although this process seems as easy as the Canadian-style health care, the fact remains that America is a whole different country who evolved differently. Health care will always be a delicate subject in the hearts of Americans because realistically we all want to be taken care of should anything happen to us.

Another very important issue is education and its continual reform. In the book Continuing Challenges & Potential for Collaborative Approaches to Education, authors Susan J. Bodily,...
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