George and Lennie

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The relationship between Lennie and George is very complex and changes greatly throughout Of Mice and Men. George throughout the novel struggles with his feelings for Lennie as they change greatly from event to event as George tries to think of ways to deal with Lennie. However, Lennie's character seems to be the least prone to change showing little diversion either in personality or in thoughts and feelings. Their friendship transforms through the novel because of the fact that George is holding onto Lennie not becuase he wants to care for him but becuase he needs him, the occurrences in which George realizes Lennie will always be the same and get into the same troubles, and the reality they both had become interdependent on each other in a confused sort of love-hate relationship. It can be seen throughout the novel that no matter his anger for Lennie, George still seemed to always care for him.

The main question that many that surrounds George throughout the novel is why he carries the burden of Lennie on his shoulders and always takes him around. George tells people that Lennie is his cousin ("He's my... cousin. I told his old lady I'd take care of him" p.22). Lennie does however seem to think that George is going through a lot to keep him around. He cares for George enough to leave and take the burden off his shoulders as seen when he says "Well, I could. I could go off, in the hills there. Some place I'd find a cave." George is persistently lecturing him on how things work and what to do. What George doesn't lecture Lennie about is how much harder life would be without him. Lennie doesn't realize that he is the one that gets the work done and he is George's ticket to obtaining a better life. This is the reason why he tells people that Lennie is his cousin. George needs a reason to always be with Lennie; he needs the workhorse that will get him his farm. This is not to meant to portray as a bad person that is using Lennie. George cares for him because he...
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