Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Seton Hall University Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: April 22, 2015
George, Sam, and Rameck grew up in poor homes in New Jersey neighborhoods where kids don't have a chance according to the book. Their neighborhoods were dangerous. Fights, drug usage and poverty were common in the streets of Newark. These neighborhoods were called home to the three boys. George goes to the dentist one day and has a discussion with his doctor that causes George to think about a career choice in that field. But, what chance would someone with his background have of attaining such a goal? The same thing for his friends Rameck whose mother was a drug addict and was mostly raised by his grandmother and Sampson who was fifth of six children. All three wanted to be doctors. During high school these men learned of a program for minority students interested in becoming doctors one day just to get out of class they attend a presentation by a teacher from Seton Hall University who tells them about a program that provides tutoring and financial assistance to poor students who are considering careers in the medical field. After much consideration, they make the decision to sign up for the program and make a pact among themselves that they will all make it through together. Not one of the three will be allowed to fail, quit or stop. The other two will not allow it. Sam, George and Rameck encounter many difficulties along the way. There is many times when each one of them considers quitting or even dropping out, but the inner motivation and guidance from other outside sources keeps each one going. This book is a tribute to friendship. The pact the three made in high school acted as a positive force to steer them away from the problems and dangers of the streets they played on as boys and send them into the medical world to help their communities as men. The odds were against them, three African-American males from the inner city surrounded by violence, drugs and alcohol.
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