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George Byrne
Ms. Elizabeth Devore
English 11002: College Writing 1 stretch
February 25, 2014
Food Traditions Never Change
In the autobiography, Lobster Lessons, the author Aleksandra Crapanzano tells her story of her love, John and how after a year of dating he takes her away from her comfort to a small cottage on the beach of Nantucket. Not only is she far from home but she is going to meet his permanent other women, great-aunt Margaret.

Aleksandra Crapanzano believes that the rituals of Aunt Margaret and her boiling of a lobster in sea water couldn't be real cuisine. The author then believes and can see through Aunt Margaret's stories that she is lost in taste and memories. The memory of the "fresh egg party." "Making scrambled eggs while an air-raid siren wailed, no one waiting for the eggs took shelter, not before savoring a taste when there was a time of peace." Aunt Margaret's daily diet and habits consist of eating the same foods each day, she is a creature of culinary rituals. One day John cooks a lobster and the author is hopeful that meal time will change, it doesn't. One day John's girlfriend decided to try new foods and new recipes and is daring enough to cook something new to picky, set in her food ways, Aunt Margaret. Surprisingly Aunt Margaret is pleased and ready to try more, the three begin a food journey that is filled with new tastes, experiences, and the slowly weathering away of old rituals.

The Authors thoughtfulness is being built by the example she gives of when she explains in detail that Aunt Margret lays in bed and can't stop thinking about the eggs she had fifty years ago. "The thought of those scrambled eggs kept me awake at night. For fifty years, Margaret had held their taste in her memory." The intended audience for a passage of such thoughtfulness and tradition would be for married women who love to take care of people, especially through food. The kind of women that enjoy sticking to their food...
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