Georg Simmel's Concept of Fashion

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George Simmel’s concept of Fashion
Sociological Theories


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George Simmel’s concept of
One of the quotes of Georg Simmel’s “Fashion” says,
“Fashion, as noted above, is a product of class distinction and operates like a number of other forms, honor especially, the double function of which consists in revolving within a given circle and at the same time emphasizing it as separate from others.  Just as the frame of a picture characterizes the work of art inwardly as a coherent, homogeneous, independent entity and at the same outwardly severs all direct relations with the surrounding space, just as the uniform energy of such forms cannot be expressed unless we determine the double effect, both inward and outward, so honor owed its character, and above all its moral rights, to the fact that the individual in his personal honor at the same time represents and maintains that of his social circle and his class.  These moral rights, however, are frequently considered unjust by those without the pale.  Thus fashion on the one hand signifies union with those in the same class, the uniformity of a circle characterized by it, and uno actu, the exclusion of all other groups”
(p. 308, as cited by Edles & Appelrouth, 2010)

Simmel explained fashion as giving each person a way to express themselves individually. Setting one person apart from one another on how they dress, what styles they are into, hairstyles, what type of music they listen to etc. When a fashion trend is first brought about it is first distint to the people who first engage in this fashion trend. Then as more and more people engage in it and you see more people wearing a piece of clothing or following a certain style the fashion trend that was one in style begins to die out. Shortly after the trend dies out a new one...

References: Edles, L. D., & Appelrouth, S. (2010). Sociological theory in classical era. (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks: Pine Forge Press
http// retrieved on 30th May-2013.
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