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EUCLID: The Man Who Created a Math Class

Euclid of Alexandria was born in about 325 BC. He is the most prominent mathematician of antiquity best known for his dissertation on mathematics. He was able to create "The Elements" which included the composition of many other famous mathematicians together. He began exploring math because he felt that he needed to compile certain things and fix certain postulates and theorems. His book included, many of Eudoxus' theorems, he perfected many of Theaetetus's theorems also. Much of Euclid's background is very vague and unknown. It is unreliable to say whether some things about him are true, there are two types of extra information stated that scientists do not know whether they are true or not. The first one is that given by Arabian authors who state that Euclid was the son of Naucrates and that he was born in Tyre. This is believed by historians of mathematics that this is entirely fictitious and was merely invented by the authors. The next type of information is that Euclid was born at Megara. But this is not the same Euclid that authors thought. In fact, there was a Euclid of Megara, who was a philosopher who lived approximately 100 years before Euclid of Alexandria.

Euclid was the leader of a team of mathematicians working at Alexandria. They all contributed to writing the 'complete works of Euclid', even continuing to write books under Euclid's name after his death. He was not an historical character. A team of mathematicians at Alexandria who took the name Euclid from the historical character Euclid of Megara who had lived about 100 years earlier wrote the ‘complete works of Euclid'. There is a thought that he was able to build up a school in Alexandria that was very vigorous and unique in its own way.

Euclid's most famous work is his dissertation on mathematics The Elements. The book was a compilation of knowledge that became the center of mathematical teaching for 2000 years. Probably Euclid first proved...
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