Topics: Family, Cinderella, Marriage Pages: 1 (446 words) Published: November 25, 2013
Rashin-Coatie Analysis
Rashin-Coatie is a story about a gentleman and his two daughters in Scotland. One daughter is ugly, mean, and older and the other is very good looking, younger, and very nice. The parents hate the young good looking daughter, and love the ugly ill-natured daughter. The parents mistreat their young daughter making her do all of the hard work and give her very little food and water. The daughter has a calf that helps her get away from her parents and her bad sister. The parents try to kill the calf, instead the girl and the calf escape running to a meadow where she gets rashes from poison oak. She is now named Rashin-Coatie. The calf and the young daughter travel to the king’s house where they ask the king if he needs a servant. The mistress hires the young daughter as a kitchen servant. Everyone liked her. The calf gave her a dress and glass slippers to wear at the dinner and she impressed everyone, the prince fell in love with her. She left without meeting him, and lost one of her slippers. He looked all over for the girl who lost this slipper, having every woman in the town try on this slipper. The prince made a promise to marry the one who fit the shoe. The ugly daughter cut her foot to make the slipper fit and so the prince was tricked. He knew it was not the girl he was looking for, but he made a promise so he had to honor it. The prince was very angry. He was going to marry the ugly daughter, until a little bird flew in and told him to look in his kitchen. The prince did so and found the young daughter, Rashin Coatie, and they were married at once. My thoughts on the story Rashin Coatie were encouraging. I found that this story had the same general theme of the Cinderella story that I had read as a child. This story is fiction, meaning not true, but it was very well written. The plot was very similar to the original Cinderella version. In the Cinderella I read, a King loses his wife and he has a young girl who is very beautiful....
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