Geology: Tide and Continental Margins B.

Topics: Tide, Physical oceanography, Oceanography Pages: 3 (512 words) Published: November 4, 2012
GEOLOGY 1013 – The Third Planet
Quiz #3: Chapters 9 and 10

Multiple choice. (5 points each)

A. Pycnocline D. Passive continental margins B. Thermocline E. Active continental margins C. Bathymetry

1. ______________________ occur where tectonic processes are not occurring and include the continental shelf, the continental slope, and the continental rise.

2. __________________ is a layer of water in which there is a rapid change of density with depth.

3. ____________________ is the measurement of ocean depths and the charting of the shape or topography of the ocean floor.

4. _________________________ are usually narrow and consisting of highly deformed sediments. They occur where oceanic lithosphere is being subducted beneath the margin of a continent.

5. A _______________________ is a layer of water in which there is a rapid change in temperature in the vertical dimension/

A. Turbidity currents D. Terrigenous B. Mid-ocean ridge E. Hydrogenous C. Deep-ocean trenches

6. _________________ sediment consists of minerals that crystallize directly from seawater through various chemical reactions.

7. _________________________ are down slope movements of dense, sediment-laden water that flows down submarine canyons.

8. _______________________ are long, relatively narrow troughs that are the deepest parts of the ocean and are formed where older oceanic crust is being subducted beneath younger oceanic crust.

9. The ______________________ system winds through all major oceans in a manner similar to the seam on a baseball and is the longest topographic feature on Earth, exceeding 70,000 kilometers in length.

10. ____________________ sediment consists primarily of mineral grains that were weathered from continental rocks and transported to the ocean.

A. Thermohaline...
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