Geology Lab9 - Topographic Maps

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This assignment is worth 20 points; answer the following questions about Lab 9: Topographic Maps. Type your answers in the space provided, make sure I can clearly read/find your answer. If you like, use a different color for your answers (makes it easier to read). Check the due date in your email and on the Pearson website, email me once you have completed the assignment. Define these terms:

1. Topographic map – 2D Map made of contour lines of landscapes to show natural & man-made features 2. Relief – map that uses shading to illustrate hills and valleys 3. Quadrangle – four-sided plane figure

4. Declination – the angular distance of a point north or south of the celestial equator 5. Bearing – angle between forward direction and the direction to another point 6. Ratio scale – scale having a fixed zero value, measurement of data which permits the comparison of differences 7. Fractional scale – ratio of map distance to the equivalent distance on the ground using same units for both 8. Contour lines – line that connects points of equal value 9. Index contours – thicker contour lines labeled with numbers to show the rising or decreasing elevation on a topographic map 10. Gradient – Grade measured by the ratio of drop in elevation of a stream Activity 9.1: Answer these questions:

A. What are the latitude-longitude coordinates of point B in Figure 9.1? (Make sure you include the direction with your answer) Latitude:___40 degrees South____Longitude:__20 degrees West____

B. Refer to Figure 9.4 (You will need a ruler or straight edge for this question)

1. What is the bearing from point C to point D? ___North 25 Degrees East____

2. What is the bearing from point D to point C? ___South 25 Degrees West___

C. This is question E in your book (page 219).
USGS 30 x 60 minute maps (United States Geological Survey) have a scale of 1:100,000.

1. One inch on such maps equals about how many miles? Show...
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