Geology and Housing

Topics: Poverty, Durban, South Africa Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: August 4, 2013
South Africa’s history demonstrates how the process of urbanization and industrialisation are politically fueled. The result of which may not actually improve the livelihoods of rural people migrating to the cities. People arriving in the city organize themselves to push for improved living and working situations. This is done through access to the urban labour markets and the struggle for well located land on which to settle. With constitutional rights for the poor, they have better chances. However, meeting the needs of the people in the provisions of housing, drinking water and sanitation has not always been backed by political will. There just aren’t enough government resources to meet the basic needs of its people. The project areas, largely on marginalised land, have limited access to jobs, community and social facilities, thus representing a disappointing scenario for the restructuring of the apartheid spatial structure. The South African government makes housing a human right and its policy since 1994 has largely focused on a single unit per site at no cost to the beneficiary, provided the necessary conditions of the subsidy are being met. The study reveals the importance of geological investigations in development and planning in which economic, political, social and the environment all play a role. The study will look at low income housing challenges in the eThekwini Municipality. Two sites shall be reviewed. First site, the Canaan area, will illustrate an area unsuitable for development. The consequences faced by the informal settlement on this land could have been avoided had the geo-hazard been understood and respected. The second area of study will be the Oakford Priory Development in which, although there are issues, the plan will go ahead. Within these issues we will look at the main causes for concern i.e.: landslides in the case of Canaan and groundwater and sanitation decisions in the case of Oakford Priory Development....
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