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GEOGRAPHY Population Pyramids

By Deponex Apr 02, 2014 463 Words
Population Pyramids:
Population pyramid: a graph showing the % of males and females of different age groups in a country. Economically active: people who are of working age 16-64

PowerPoint questions:
1. Sudan. A
2. Sudan. A, huge birth rate means IMR is high as well.
3. Country 2. B
4. Sudan. A
5. A, as newer generations are most likely to live longer then the elderly. 6. Sudan. B
7. A, pushing inwards. Building outwards.
8. Country 1.
9. 3-4, not too many people replacing economically active population. Exercise: Describing pyramids
Pyramid 1: Sudan
High birth rates (4.9 million averages) = proportional to population. Concave shape.
High infant mortality rates (signifies a high IMR)
Life expectancy extremely low, minimum make it to 100+.
For every 100 male, 97 female.
No breaks in the slope.
No migration evidence.
Pyramid 2: Brazil
Slight high birth rates, low compared to previous years
Convex shape
Stable infant mortality rates.
Low life expectancies
For every 100 male, 98 female
No breaks in the slope
No migration evidence
Pyramid 3: China
Low birth rates proportional to population.
Convex shape
Low infant mortality rates, due to low birth rates.
Slight high life expectancy, not many making to 100+.
Slight larger number of males than females, 100 males, 95 females. Early years contracted in relation to late years – One Child Policy. Contracting, low birth rates in relation to elderly population. No migration evidence, possibly 25-29.

Pyramid 4: United States
Birth rates are stable compared to previous years, relatively low in proportion to population. Convex shape.
IMR stable, no major losses.
Stable life expectancy, many making it past 70.
For every 100 men, 98 females.
35-39, probably Vietnam War decreased fertility rates.
No clear evidence of migration.
Pyramid 5: France
Birth rates are increasing, although still stable.
IMR stable, minor losses.
High life expectancy, many making it past 70.
For every 100 men, 97 females.

Description of shape
What does the shape tell us about the country?
Stage of DTM?
Narrow top, Middle Concave, Wide Base.
Low life expectancy, attributed to lack of health facilities. Middle ages (30-50) are decreasing perhaps to the Afghanistan war with the US, which lead for women to have more babies and become soldiers or replace lost ones. 2

Narrow top, Bulging mid, Stable Base
Partly low life expectancy for men, bulging mid signifies wars and lack of birth control, and a stable base portrays the One Child Policy introduction. 4
Narrow top, Expanding middle, Wide base (Indent in the first 4 years). Low life expectancy with poor health services, expanding middle as population is living longer, decreasing indent in base may mirror the 2010 earthquake or an improvement in birth control 2

Convex top with indents, bulging middle, convex and stable base.

Narrowing top, convex middle, with a stable and wide base.

Narrowing top, stable early elder ears, bulging and indented middle and a stable base with one indent.


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