Geography of the World

Topics: United States, Mississippi River, North America Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: October 5, 2014

North America
1)Which coast is more geologically active in North America? The younger and most geologically active is the West Coast which has the highest mountains and is affected by frequent earthquakes and periodic volcanic activity.

2)Which is the highest peak?
The highest peak is Mount Mc Kinley in Alaska.

3)How did the Great Lakes form?
The Great Lakes formed as glacial age gouged depressions between piles of marginal moraines built from rock fragments dropped at the margins of melting ice masses. As the ice sheet retreated Northward at the end of the last glacial phase, melt-water accumulated in the depressions, which became the great lakes.

4)Where are cactus and low shrubs grown?
They grow in the hot desserts of the Southwest.

5)Distribute geographically in the U.S., hurricanes, tornadoes, river floods, winter storms, and earthquakes? •Hurricanes threaten the Mid and Southern Atlantic coast and Gulf coast states. •Tornadoes are most common in the Plain States, the Mississippi Valley and Florida. •River floods occur in the Mississippi river valley. Lighting is a year round event across the Southern part of U.S. •Severe winter storms affect the upper plain States, the Midwest, the Western Mountains, and the Northeast coast of the U.S. •Earthquakes are most likely to occur along the West Coast from Alaska southward through California. The meeting of the North American plate and the East Pacific plate rise causes horizontal displacement along the San Andreas Fault.

6)To what is the population increase in U.S. due?
The relatively rapid annual population increase in the U.S. is unusual among the world´s materially wealthy and technologically advanced countries, due in part to the young immigrant communities within the country who have larger families and higher birth rates h other groups.

7)Where are the vast majority of Canadians concentrated?
The vast majority of Canadians are concentrated in a belt across the...
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