Geography of Early Earth

Topics: Agriculture, Fertile Crescent, Indus Valley Civilization Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: April 29, 2013
1 Big Geography and the Peopling of the Earth
I. Hunter Gather Life
i. Hunter gatherers use fires to cook their food, so it was more edible and easier to swallow and digest. ii. Hunter gatherers used stone tools for most of their chores such as kill animals, harvest plants, clear brush, and start fire to cook food. iii. Kinship groups tried to make the population grow and start an early agricultural movement. II. Personal Reflection Questions

iv. Settled societies were more successful than Hunter gatherers because they were able to grow their population faster and were more efficient at giving everyone a job so they would all be contributing to the tribe in different ways. 2 The Neolithic Revolution Early Agricultural Societies

III. Early agricultural societies were located on rivers and in places with rich soil so crops grew that were required to keep their society going. These areas were able to sustain their life in the Middle East at the Jordan River and in Anatolia. IV. The four major river valley civilizations are: Huang He, Indus River Valley, Nile River Valley, and Tigris/ Euphrates River Valley. These were the first to show human-environment interaction and trained animals. People began settling down, creating irrigation, and farming crops. The trained animals helped with the labor of growing and harvesting their food. V.

VI. The civilizations started specializing in jobs since not everyone had to farm anymore. People started specializing in other crafts such as, hunting, pottery, farming, and tool making. They worked these careers for the rest of their lives because they were usually most skilled and needed. VII. Technology helped with increase in trade, agricultural production, and transportation. By training animals, they increased output of crops because they could harvest faster. Animals were also great for carrying people around, a/e being used for...
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