Geography of Bliss

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Edgar Ceja

Essay chapter 2

In the book the geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner, the author Weiner travels to ten different countries around the world to find out about the source of happiness of each country. Mr. Weiner starts out his journey by going to the Netherlands, home of the World Data Base of Happiness where he meets Ruut Veenhoven, Professor of happiness. After acquiring knowledge about happiness from Mr. Veenhoven, doing research and taking some conclusions Mr. Weiner continues his journey to the next of his nine countries yet to visit to find out about the source of happiness of each country. The Swiss occupy a place near the pinnacle of Ruut Veenhoven’s happiness pyramid. The source of happiness of the Swiss is primarily a set of good values privileges and positive attitudes. Despite the Swiss having one of the world’s most liberal euthanasia laws and plenty of rules to follow, they are still one the happiest countries in the world.

The Swiss are wealthy and very clean. The streets in Switzerland are nearly spotless and the air is really clean, in fact everything else is clean. The toilets in the public are very clean as well as the water from the water fountains is very clean and the Swiss found drinking water from water fountains very fashionable. There are no potholes on the road and as I mention before everything looks clean. Also the Swiss are wealthy, and even though they are they hate to talk about monie. They would rather to talk about anything else but money. The reason of it as the author mentions on the book is that “the Swiss know that money, more than anything triggers envy” and envy does not match with happiness. That being the reason of why in Switzerland being a flashy winner is a not good thing.

Secondly, The Swiss like nature and generally they trust people around them. The Swiss like to feel around nature, they like to experience biophilia a word that the naturalist E.O Wilson defines as “ the innately emotional...
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