Geography Essay

Topics: Christianity, State religion, Freedom of religion Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: September 5, 2006
Geography Essay

Geography is a factor and has to do with people's life everywhere, but it doesn't have a major impact and has a great impact in them. Not to mention that there are other major factors like the economics, religion, education, etc. in the three English settlements: New England, Mid-Atlantic, and the South that really influence their lives. The different kind of races of people that came from the Old World, and the way they influenced the development of the colonies had a heavy impact in their colonial way of life.

There were many reasons why people from the Old World came to the New World, especially because of religion freedom, the Puritans for example, they came to the region of New England, or to be more specific to Boston, because they were been persecuted by the Church of England. But at the end New England wasn't the right place to be in if you wanted religious freedom, and it can easily be shown by the local response to leftist religious groups that tried to settle there, New England authorities passed laws that fined ship masters for bringing Quakers to northeastern shores and to discourage non-Puritan settlers further, the authorities hanged several Quakers. In the Mid-Atlantic region the Dutch settlers in America brought the Dutch Reformed Church, but also among the newcomers were Protestant Huguenots, refugees from Catholic France. The nest settlers in the region were the Swedes, these people were largely Lutheran, then the Swedish were conquered by the Dutch, but at the same time the Dutch were conquered by the English. The Mid-Atlantic region ended up being more tolerant than New England and they didn't establish a state religion. In the South things were way different because there were actually more Protestants than Catholics, especially in Maryland, and to protect religious freedom for both groups, in 1649 Maryland passed the Toleration Act and this act granted freedom of worship to all people who believed in Jesus Christ....
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