GEOGRAPHY Disparities.

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Global Disparities
Describe the global patterns of: Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)

Low IMR: Europe and North America, including Australia and NZ (Mostly MEDCs nations). Southern part of South America, Russia, East Asia and Malaysia. Some Middle East countries, including UAE. Medium IMR: Northern SA and most of Asia, Central America and Northern/Southern Africa. High IMR: Central Africa, West Africa, Somalia and Afghanistan. Is there a relationship between them?

GNI per capita with Life expectancy: GNI per capita will allow citizens to afford medical and health services, meaning they could treat deadly sicknesses such as cancer or expensive treatments

Life expectancy global patterns:

Low life expectancy: Most of Africa, especially Southern, Central, Eastern and Western (Sub-Saharan Africa) including very low countries such as . Anomaly of Afghanistan in Africa, and Laos. Middle life expectancy: Anomalies in Africa, including Equatorial Guinea and Eritrea and Madagascar. Middle nations include Central South America, countries such as Peru and Brazil and even Bolivia, although low compared to the mentioned previously. North Africa, countries such as Egypt and Morocco and Eastern Asia (China) plus South East Asia including Indonesia and the Philippines. High: North America and Western Europe, Japan and Australia/New Zealand. Anomalies include: Bolivia/Guyana, Greenland, Madagascar/Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Afghanistan. Bolivia => Natural causes, high altitude in the whole countries makes the population live under constant stress and pressure, exhausting faster organs.

Literacy Rates 2007/8:

Low literacy rates: Concentrates mostly in Central and Western Africa and South Central Asia, including Nations such as India and Pakistan. Nations with lowest literacy include Chad, Nigeria and Mali. Middle literacy rates: South America, including Peru. South Asia including China, and the Middle...
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