Topics: Soviet Union, Cold War, Cuba Pages: 3 (737 words) Published: October 18, 2014
The Cold War started around the time of the end of World WarII (1945) and went on until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1991. Karl Marx, a German revolutionary, was critical of the societies of Europe and the US. He believed because they were dominated by capitalism, that they werenʼt for the masses, but for the individual. Well, thatʼs what communism is based on, but corruption has a way of bleeding in. Stalin and WWII Under Stalinʼs rule, the Soviets diverted resources to their military and away from the much needed economic and social development of the Russian people. They promoted communism by military coercion. After WWII, Stalin had created allied communist states and went into Eastern Europe. Churchill and Roosevelt ceded control of Central Europe to Russia because they were busy reconstructing the postwar economies of the rest of the area. Even though they were two different ideologies, they had a common enemy-Nazi Germany. Eisenhower let the Soviet Red army go into Berlin first, which gave them a foot-hold on the area.

US and itsʼ allies organized to stop the Soviets from extending their power even further, and perhaps elsewhere. So in 1950-60, the “Iron Curtain” was named when it became clear to allied leaders that Russia was to dominate Central Europe. Eastern Germans were dissatisfied with communist life and started fleeing to West Germany even though it had been surrounded by barbed wire. In 1961, Soviet leader Khrushchev, built the Berlin Wall to keep “his people” in the Soviet Union.

Bay of Pigs and The Cuban Missile Crisis In the 1950ʼs Havana was the capital of Cuba. This was a playground for the rich American. F. Batista was Cubaʼs right wing dictator and he was not tolerant of communism. He was receiving support from the Americans and his army was equipped by the Americans. Unfortunately, Batista was

corrupt. This was the land of opportunity for American businesses and for American gambling in the south. Being only 50 miles off the coast of...
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