Topics: Geomorphology, Erosion, Sediment Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: December 17, 2013
To what extent do you agree that river landforms can be classified as either erosional or depositional?

Many different landforms are made by either deposition or erosion and there are some cases where they can be classified as both. Erosional landforms are caused by erosion which is the breaking down and transportation of particles from one area to another. Depositional landforms are made when particles are deposited somewhere else. In my opinion I think that river landforms can be classified as one or the other but in some cases, such as flood plains which is a product of both if the processes. Waterfalls are a type erosional landform which is created by vertical erosion and they are mainly found in the upper course of a river however if there is enough energy for vertical erosion to occur in the lower course they can be found there. Waterfalls may have started off as a rapid and as the river passes, the soft rock is eroded quicker, by abrasion or if the water is acidic it can attack some kinds of soft rock , than the harder rock which is above the softer rock, leaving an elevated area of rock where water falls down due to the steep gradient. The gradient will get steeper due to more erosion such as hydraulic action and abrasion to form a plunge pool. Eventually, due to further erosion, the hard rock gets undercut and the plunge pool gets bigger because of abrasion as it gets moved around quickly. The waterfall will move upstream leaving a gorge. This process is entirely erosional and therefore it wouldn’t be classified as anything else. Examples of landforms that are entirely erosional process are gorges, headlands and bays, cliffs and caves. A levee is a slope that regulates the water flow. They are formed when a river overflows the banks and the water that overflows, overflows again but this time into the flood plain. When the water goes back the sediments are deposited, the smaller particles are deposited further away from the river and the bigger...
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