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Geographical issues: Urban sprawl and changes in housing structure Urban sprawl is defined as low-density residential, and sometimes commercial, development that is outside the borders of the higher density urban centres. Planners, scholars, community activists and public officials all offer numerous possibilities as the cause of urban sprawl. What is urban sprawl?

Urban sprawl is the spreading of a city or its suburbs. It often involves the construction of the residential and commercial building in rural areas or otherwise undeveloped land at the outskirts of the city. Urban sprawl is an unplanned and uncontrollable development of urban development into areas adjoining the edge of the city.In Sydney, urban sprawl occurs mainly in Western Sydney, concentrated within The North West and South West Growth Centres. At present, development in new land release areas contributes to about 30% of Sydney’s new housing stocks. Why do people choose to move to city areas?

in the 19th and 20th century cities grew fast, especially in Europe and North America due to the new industries created and making people having to find jobs. Later on cities grew more slowly due to becoming overcrowded and diseases could spread faster. These days the death rates in cities are lower because they have better doctors and more hospitals. People choose to move to city areas due to having more job opportunities, earning more money, having high standards of living, better education, meet more people, and better shopping opportunities, more services and more housing options. How did Liverpool developed to having urban sprawl?

In the 1950’s, Liverpool was still a satellite town with an agricultural economy based on poultry farming and market gardening. However a tidal surge of urban sprawl which engulfed the rich flatlands west of Sydney and soon reaching Liverpool, having it become an outer suburb of metropolitan Sydney with a strong working-class presence and manufacturing facilities....
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