geographical importance of pakistan

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Geographical Importance of Pakistan

Location: Southern Asia lies between 24 and 36.75 northern latitude and between 61 and 7505 eastern longitude. Area: 7, 96000

Towards north apart from the state of Kashmir is china. It shares 400 km long boarder with china. Towards north Tajikistan though no boarder but a narrow strip as Wahkhan strip separate the two. Towards east, Punjab-Rajasthan boarders which is 1650 km long Towards west, Afghanistan and Durand line of 2250 km.

Towards south, Arabian and Indian sea. Coastal belt is about 700 km.

Pakistan significance is enhanced as it lies near the Persian Gulf where 65% of the world’s oil is produced.

Geographic/ Geostrategic: which means it shows the geographical importance of country or region by its virtue of its geographical location. Pakistan is a junction of South Asia, West Asia and Central Asia, a way from resource efficient countries to resource deficient countries. Pakistan is a route for transportation, and a front line state against terrorism.

Geographical Importance: Bridge between South Asia and South West Asia; Iran and Afghanistan are energy abundant while India and China are lacking of. China finds way to Indian ocean and Arabian Sea through Karakorum. Pakistan offers to CARs the shortest route of 2600 km as compared to Iran (4500 km) or Turkey (5000 km). land locked Afganistan now at the phase of Reconstruction, finds its ways through Pakistan. Gawader port with its deep waters attracts the trade ships of China, CARs and South East Asian Countries ASEAN.

Economic Blocs: SAARC, ECO. Iran is struggling to export its surplus gas and oil to eastern countries. Qatar Pakistan and Turkmenistan Pipeline projects highlights the position. Pakistan would get 400 million dollar annually if IPI gets success. Mountain Ranges: Himalayas, Hindu Kush in the North are plentiful in providing water and natural resources.

Political importance: US interests in...
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