Geograph Atmosphere .

Topics: Weather, Meteorology, Wind Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: August 12, 2013
GeoTopic 2: The Atmosphere.
1. How is the earth heated?
2. How does the latitude affect heating of the atmosphere? 3. How do the seasons affect the heating of the atmosphere? 4. What is the role of ocean currents and winds in transferring heat energy? 5. How does unequal heating cause high and low pressure belts? 6. Where are the main high and low pressure regions of the world? 7. What is the tri-cellular circulation?

8. How do winds develop?
9. What are pressure gradient, Coriolis force and geostrophic flow? 10. Which winds are related to global air circulation?
11. What are the characteristics of air masses?
12. Which winds are related to regional and local air movements? 13. What different type of climate do places in Africa experience? 14. How does the subsidence of air affect rainfall?
15. How does convergence affect rainfall?
16. What role does the ocean play in influencing the temperature of places in Africa? 17. How does the ocean influence rainfall in Africa?
18. What is the El Nino and La Nina Effect?
19. How do El Nino and La Nina affect Africa’s Climate? 20. How is atmospheric pressure shown on the synoptic weather maps? 21. How are temperature, winds, and precipitation shown on synoptic weather maps? 22. How can we use the information on a synoptic weather map to interpret the weather? 23. Which areas in Africa are at risk of drought and desertification? 24. What causes droughts?

25. Are there varying degrees of drought?
26. What are the reasons for desertification?
27. What are the effects of drought and desertification on people? 28. How does drought affect the environment?
29. Who is most vulnerable to drought?
30. Are people able to reduce the risks associated with drought? 31. How can people manage the effects of drought?
32. How can desertification be managed?
Key words:
Insolation: Incoming Solar Radiation.
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