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1.1.1 The community
The Junior High School No. 0003 “Benito Júarez” is located in Toluca, one of the most populated cities in Mexico. “Toluca” comes from the dialect Nahuatl tōllocān that means: the place where the god Tōlloh’ lives. Toluca is a municipality and also, is the capital of the Mexico state, which has approximately 819,561 habitants and a surface area of 420.14 kilometers2. Furthermore according to the “National Institute of Statistics and Geography in 2010” (INEGI) the city of Toluca ranks the fifth place in the country with the most habitants. The municipality is bordered by eleven municipalities which are: Almoloya de Juarez, Temoya, Otzolotepec, Xonacatlan, Lerma, San Mateo Atenco, Metepec, Calimaya, Tenango del Valle, Villa Guerrero and Zinancantepec. In terms of climate, Toluca has a subtropical highland climate due to its inactive volcano “Xinantecatl”. Its altitude is 2,680 meters (8,793 ft) above sea level. Toluca is cool with high humidity, rainfall and occasional hail in the summer; also freezing temperatures are common during winter. Therefore the nights in December and January are cold and the temperature may drop below 0 °C (32 °F). Throughout the year, the temperature is rarely below −3 °C (27 °F) or above 27 °C (81 °F). Toluca is also located in the economic center of Mexico. It has become an important economic city because of its industries and infrastructure that produce drinks, food, textiles, cars, electric products and soon. Since 1944, many industries have settled in Toluca rather than in other cities, this means that the city of Toluca has work opportunities and I said this is better quality of life.

It is important to examine the context where this school is located, to define how the context influence in the education. The Census Bureau (2002) classifies as urban “all territory, population, and housing units located within an urbanized area or urban cluster”. Toluca is considered an urban city due to its many services such as: electricity, drinking water, drainage telecommunication, transportation, medical services, security services, and private and also public education. According to “La Jornada” (newspaper 2013, p.8), this municipally has different schools: kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school, Normal school, and some Universities this includes the autonomous university “UAEM” which offers: many kinds of degrees, and whose academic body consist of approximately 12,000 teachers and millions of students It is evident that a public school in urban contexts offers more opportunities for those that study there. In addition, Toluca’s inhabitants get better standards, to complete a higher level of education , due to the resources that the city provides 1.1.2 The school

The Junior High School No. 0003 “Benito Juarez” is located in on the corner of Juan Fernadez Albarran Street and Heriberto Enrriquez Avenue, Col. Universidad. It is necessary to mention that it was built on 1963 meaning that the school has been running for several decades working, giving the students important tools and abilities to face obstacles and challenges that the word offers. It know as one of the first secondary, schools in Toluca.

The school also has gaining a lot of prestige, due to, many ex-students who had been successful after graduating, like the last governor César Camacho Quiroz or the last president of Toluca Martha Hilda Gonzalez Calderon, both attended the Junior High School No. 0003 Benito Júarez. Therefore, many teenagers are interested in attending the school, despite the distances that they have to travel, since, the center of the city, and the bus station which are approximately 15 minutes from the school.

For years the school had been supported by agent and the parents union, resulting in an excellent infrastructure, which is formed by two levels with twenty classrooms where students spend their lessons....
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