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Aim of study

Location of study area

Method of Data Collection

Presentation and Explanation of Data

Analysis and Discussion of data




Aim of Study
The aim of the study is to describe the main fluvial depositional features and landforms observed along the middle and lower stages of the Spanish River in, Portland, Jamaica at three locations (Skibo, Chepstowe, and Spring Garden) Data Presentation:

Data will be presented using tables, graphs, photographs, and field sketches.

Location of the Study Area:
The study was carried out in Jamaica at the Spanish River at three (3) locations, Spring Garden, Skibo, and Chepstowe.

Method of Data Collection
Field work was collected on May 22, 2012 along the Spanish River at Spring Garden (location 1), Skibo (location 2), and Chepstowe (location 3) in Portland, Jamaica. Data was collected using 3 methods which include: the simple random sampling method, a mean velocity test, and a river depth & width test. The resources used to carry out the study are as follows: maps, markers & pencil, ruler, float (tennis ball), white board, stopwatch, metre rule stick, calculator, worksheet, standing markers (students), and tape measure. The mean velocity test was carried out in two locations (skibo & chepstowe), it was done by placing two students (standing markers) 15m apart along the river one at o m (starting point) and one at 15 m (end point), while a third student was using a stopwatch to time the movement of the float (tennis ball) from o m to 15 m. The procedure was repeated until a total of 6 readings were attained and averaged to reduce error and increase accuracy. The width & depth test was carried out in two locations (skibo & cheptowe), the procedure was performed by placing two students in the water at either sides of the river one holding the end of the tape measure and the other holding the tape where ever it stops at his end, another student then measured the depth of the river bed at every one (1) metre to the opposite end of the river. This was carried out to the full width of the river The simple random sampling test was carried out in all 3 locations. The researcher made of two types of sources primary source and secondary source. Primary source include: observation, field sketches and photographs of the fluvial depositional landforms. Secondary sources include: Base map, (sheet number 13, 150000), geography textbooks- Geography for CSEC and Principles of geography for CXC, and internet sites relating to the topic and library books. Rock sediments were collected using the simple random-sampling method. Each researcher (30 persons) was asked to take a few steps backwards and select rock sediment, this method was used to reduce bias. The types & shapes of the rock sediments were determined and their widths and lengths were measured using the ruler .All data were then placed in a table. (30 sediments were collected)

Presentation of data
Table Showing Sediments
Type: at all three locations
Type| Frequency| Percentage|
Sedimentary| 15| 50%|
Igneous| 12| 40%|
Metamorphic| 03| 10%|
Total| 30| 100%|

Table I

Table showing rock sediments collected at Spring Gardens at the Spanish River

Rock shapes| Frequency| Percentages|
Well-rounded| 4| 13%|
Rounded| 15| 50%|
Sub-rounded| 4| 13%|
Angular| 2| 7%|
Sub-angular| 5| 17%|
total| 30| 100%|

Table II

Bargraph Showing Data Collected at Spring Gardens Along the Spanish River

Figure I

Figure II
Table showing rock sediments collected at Skibo at the Spanish River

Rock shapes| Frequency| Percentages|
Well-rounded| 1| 3%|
Rounded| 7| 23%|
Sub-rounded| 9| 30%|
Angular| 3| 10%|
Sub-angular| 10| 33%|
Total| 30| 100%|
Table III
Bargraph Showing Data...

Bibliography: * Nagle (2008) Chapt.3 pages 51-63

* Senior & London (2006) chapt.5 pages 36-45

* Mike Senior, Principle of Geography for CXC, Jamaica, 2008.
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